Protection against corrosion

Krown oil prevents the corrosion on all metals

Krown oil prevents the corrosion on all metals

KROWN oil stops corrosion on metals that are exposed to oxidation, extracts moisture and oils the moving parts. It is environment friendly, colourless and odourless, it does not contain any acids or silicones. The material can be easily applied to wet surfaces. 

Purpose of use:
- the anti-rust protection of vehicles; 
- oiling of bicycles (chain), roller blades; 
- oiling of screws, locks and other metal parts; 
- the conservation of machines; 
- the protection of weapons (hunters,..);
- in aviation; 
- for ship maintenance; 
- in industry; 
- for farming machinery,..

KROWN oil was developed and first introduced in 1986 in Canada, where it was primarily designed for the maintenance of airplanes, highly sensitive machinery and various equipment and machines that are normally exposed to rusting. Nowadays it is used by the Canadian army, police, hunters, fire fighters and other demanding users and is the highest performing petroleum based rust preventative on the market. >>


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