Best rust proofing option

We apply Krown Rust Control on new and used vehicles

Why should you rust proof your vehicle?

Krown is designed to slow down or inhibit corrosion on vehicles. Over time, rust can weaken important structural elements, compromising your vehicle's structural integrity and therefore its safety. We are trained to access important structural areas like frame rails, door pillars, and the thousands of spot welds that hold your vehicle together. 

The Krown product is self-healing and is constantly creeping, remaining active to continuously repel moisture and keep it away from the metal surface. In addition, unlike coating-type products, Krown penetrates into even the tightest seams and spot welds to deliver a much more effective and comprehensive rust protection application. An added benefit that Krown offers is lubricating many moving parts on a vehicle such as door locks, brake cables, power antennas, etc. 

We recommend you to have your car rust proofed for the first time at least when a car is 3 or 4 years old and after every auto body repair.


- auto repair shops
- bicycle services
- tractor repair shops
- public utility companies
- transport companies
- bus companies
- nautics
- Slovenian Police (anti-rust protection and oiling of weapons)
- electrical engineers (to prevent corrosion on power lines' couplings)
- The Kobarid Museum, The Technical Museum of Slovenia (maintenance and preservation of exhibits)
- industry (maintenance of machines and equipment)
- Lesce Airport (aircraft maintenance)


- Avtoservis Benčič, Srečko Benčič s.p., Kresnice
- Avto Šivic d.o.o., Tržič
- Avtoservis, David Kraševec s.p., Nova Vas

Do you want to rust proof your car?

We treat vehicles with Krown rust protection at our shop in Škofja Loka using our specialized tool. We look forward to assisting you. Application process for small or medium car takes one hour. Pricing depends on the size, age and condition of the vehicle.

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