Environmentally-friendly anticorrosive oil

You should have Krown spray in your garage

Prevent corrosion and oil the moving parts of vehicles, bicycles, machines, tools

Krown oil in a spray can lets you apply rust protection to even hard to reach areas around the home and worksite. It is environmentally-friendly, it does not contain any acids or silicones. Corresponds to the HASAP H-2 standard. After application it is colourless and odourless. The material can be easily applied to wet surfaces. It prevents and stops corrosion on metals that are exposed to oxidation, extracts moisture and oils the moving parts.

• Vehicles • Bicycles (chains) • Motors • Farming machinery • Tractors • Trailers • Hinges, Latches, Locks • Other Moving Parts • Lawnmowers • Boats • Aircraft maintenance • Weapons • Hand tools • Virtually anything metal that needs to be protected from rust and / or lubricated

Krown oil T32 is thiner, it is a versatile product, excellent lubricant and rust inhibitor. You should have Krown spray in your garage for lubricating bicycle chains, roller blades, for unrusting screws, protection, oiling and conservation of weapons. Durability/resistance: up to one year.

Thicker KL73 is labeled with a green sticker. We apply Krown oil KL73 to vehicles, machinery, tools, it is also used for long-term conservation of weapons. It was developed to provide longer lasting protection. Durability/resistance: up to two years.

Spray can 250 ml • Spray can 500 ml • Oil 1 L • Oil 20 L

Do you want to rust proof your car?

We treat vehicles with Krown rust protection at our shop in Škofja Loka using our specialized tool. We look forward to assisting you. Application process for small or medium car takes one hour. Pricing depends on the size, age and condition of the vehicle.

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